Méribel piste and lift changes for 2012-13

There are several  changes to the pistes and lifts around Méribel for this season. The Saulire Express gondola is now complete, and also boasts a completely redesigned bottom lift station and new entrance ramp to the front.

New Saulire Express

The Saulire Express will now reach the top of the Saulire in just 12 minutes, compared with a previous journey time of over 20 minutes. It has eight-seat cabins, carrying 2,400 people per hour.

The narrow blue run coming into the Chaudanne from the Saulire side, the Traversée bourbon, has been made easier. It is now broader and gentler at the bottom, having been re-shaped following the removal of the old Saulire pylons.

Méribel planning to open on 10th December

Following the decision to postpone the planned opening this weekend, Méribel have announced that the resort will open next Saturday 10th December. Temperatures are expected to fall next week, allowing greater production of artificial snow. Some natural snowfall is also expected over the coming week. The links to the rest of the Three Valleys are also expected to open on 10th December.

New Saulire Express in Méribel

Work on the first stage of Méribel’s new Saulire gondola is being finalised. The top section of the new Saulire Express will be ready for December 2011 and
the lower section will be installed next summer. When completed, this
fast 8-man gondola will cut travel time from the resort to the Saulire from
over 20 minutes to 12 minutes.

The new lift will arrive at the same point as the Courchevel Saulire cable car, at the top of the Couloir Tournier. The slightly higher arrival point will also give
Méribel skiers access to the Grand Couloir black run and the off-piste Saulire
couloirs. For this winter, skiers from Méribel will take the old Saulire 1 lift
to the midstation, then descend a couple of hundred metres to the new Saulire
Express 2 midstation to continue their journey to the summit.